What is a JF Small Group?

A small group at JF is anyone meeting together with other believers (or non-believers), to build community and grow in Christ. That’s it. Simple and to the point. This is ON the JF premises or OFF. 

Small groups help us Connect with one another, build each other up in Christ and be missional to those in our community who need the gospel. This life was not meant to be lived alone away from people. We are stronger and grow when are around others who can challenge us and pray with us through our trials. 

When you need prayer, talk to your small group. When you need help, talk to your small group. When you need to call someone at 2 AM for a need, talk to your small group. When you need encouragement…well it’s obvious now, right? When you are not in community, you are doing life alone and are open to more arrows from the enemy. Join a small group today to Connect at Journey Fellowship.

Lead a Group

Do you want to lead a small group at Journey Fellowship? We want to encourage and empower anyone to do so and Serve where they feel God leading them. There are a few steps to start leading a group so please email Todd Clayton at todd@myjf.church for more information. 

Join a Group

Type in your address and interests and find the nearest group to your house. Then send that leader a note or give them a call to Connect with them.