DNOW 2020

DNOW 2020 is a weekend event for any 7-12th grade student looking to attend a packed weekend of discipleship, fellowship and fun. We are anticipating the return of Coty Goble (DNOW 2019 Speaker) who will join us for the weekend and present a “SAVAGE” message. Our “SAVAGE” band is none other than Micah Fisher and our pals of Community Bible Church who will bring us a weekend of amazing worship.

If you are looking for that one event that is sure to offer an engaging weekend with Jesus, friends and students from around our community; you won’t want to miss this.

Meet our Speaker, Coty

Coty Goble is a passionate lover of Jesus who has devoted his life to furthering the cause of Christ. He has been in ministry for over a decade and found himself on just about every end of the spectrum when it comes to ministry. Coty believes all are called to preach the gospel and make disciples, so he focuses everything he does on accomplishing this task. Even though Coty wears many different hats in ministry, the calling God has entrusted him with is quite an interesting one. One word is all you need to describe Coty; passion.  


Meet our Band,

CBC Worship is a ministry of Community Bible Church in San Antonio, TX. We exist to engage the body of Christ in declaring the transformative power of the gospel through singing and setting our lives at the feet of Jesus. 

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Journey Campus

Sonny Monteverdi

Journey Fellowship Worship Center

Date / Time

Registration closed on Thursday, February 6, 2020