Thrive Fall 2020 - Mama Bear Apologetics

This will be a virtual class for the fall season. 

Apologetics, which comes from the greek word apologia, is a systematic defense of the faith. It applies reason, logic and solid information in order to eloquently communicate God's Truths to the world. Woman are especially equipped for this task! Why? Because effective apologetics requires patient listening, empathy, and discernment. We are all called to be spiritual mamas to those in our world and as you address questions from those under your care, God is training YOU to help friends, family, church members, and neighbors - because the same skills are needed to communicate God's Truth to ANYONE. Join us as we learn the tools of apologetics and seek to tackle the great task of deciphering Truth from lies that float around in our culture today. Remember, the best motivator for apologetics is love!

Journey Campus

Myra Seydler


Date / Time

Registration closed on Tuesday, September 8, 2020