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We want you to Worship and hear God’s word in a safe environment where you are comfortable. We will continue Drive-in Church at 9am and we will continue to offer an inside service at 11am as well. We are taking special care to be as cautious as possible about gathering in-person. In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order GA 34 we will make entry into the church building “Face Coverings Optional”. Special accommodations will be made for those who are uncomfortable with this and still desire to wear face coverings. Seating will continue to be arranged to practice social distancing.

New Worship Center Entry and Seating Locations and Coffee Bar Open!

  • We will Continue Drive-in Church, at 9am.
  • Entry to the 11:00am gathering will be as follows:

Main Foyer Entry doors are open for all as they feel comfortable.

North Entry doors are for those who are not comfortable with general entry and want to wear a mask all the times or till seated.

  • Seating for the 11:00am gathering will be as follows:

All seating will be open to everyone as they feel comfortable, except North bleachers.

North side back bleachers will be reserved for those who are not comfortable with general seating and want to wear a mask at all times or till seated.

  • The Coffee Bar “Sweet Aromas at the Landing” will open for the 11:00am gathering from 10:30am to 11:30am.
  • We will continue the Live Service on-line at 11:00am.

Special Instructions for Gatherings in the Worship Center

  • Families should sit together, but there must be at least two seats between you and the next family or individual sitting on your row.
  • There will be no reserved seating.
  • We ask everyone to maintain six feet of social distancing as you move throughout the building.

If you have any concerns, underlying at-risk health conditions, or feel sick, we strongly recommend you remain at home and watch our on-line services which will continue at 11:00am Sundays.

We will continue to monitor this situation closely and will make decisions based on what is best for Journey Fellowship and our community.

“Walking together on life’s journey, pursuing true hope in Christ”

Don Story

Executive Pastor